Sunday, October 24, 2021

Optimistic Business Owners After First COVID-19 Unrestricted Weekend

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For over a year, Graham Waller has been preaching patience and optimism. “To go from where we were and then I talk about it, all the adapting and changing and everything we had to do throughout the times, the shutdown in December and now to finally be ‘wide open’ is a good feeling,” said Graham Waller, co-owner of Winchell’s.

“Adapt, get through the issue. We know it’s going to end. That’s the one thing we knew, it was going to end and when it did end people wanted our product thankfully,” Waller said. “It’s crazy how it’s just feels back to normal you might say,” Waller said.

Waller says they’ve been able to grow their staff as business has gotten busier. And even though it may feel like it’s back to normal, Waller says that he learned some things throughout the pandemic and some of those changes they’ve implemented are going to stick with the restaurant moving forward.

“It’s been a good five weeks that we’ve been feeling it and then this weekend was kind of the culmination where everything was open, the bar was full, we had virtually every table being used,” Waller said. For the last five weeks Waller says the customers have been coming back.

Waller says that the steady return to normal is great, but he’s hopeful for even better going forward. “We cut our hours which I think is fine on the back end. We’re not open as late which is an efficiency thing for us. The menu has been tightened up and consolidated a little bit and that’s probably mostly going to stay, so a lot of the things we implemented in the pandemic are good for us,” Waller said.

— Jim Stratman (@JimSNews) June 14, 2021 This past weekend was the first time in over a year that businesses could be opened with a 100% capacity. One co-owner at Winchell’s tells me that the weekend felt “normal.” He said they’ve been scaling up business for weeks and he excited about what’s to come. More on @WKYT “Probably steady growth I guess in the summer and then, knock on wood, if the sports can open up, and Keeneland, and all the usual suspects in the fall can open up and UK maybe, then you know we’re going to have a massive fall. It could be some of the busiest months we’ve ever had,” Waller said.

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  • Optimistic Business Owners After First COVID-19 Unrestricted Weekend
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