Sunday, October 17, 2021

Our money should be used for fire mitigation – The Ukiah Daily Journal

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If all government disobeys the environmental laws, where does enforcement, have the right to fine other offenders? What protects the environment? It is understandable that city and county want to get water to the Mendocino coast. But to do so illegally, with paying fines, sets a precedence to other citizens. Just do it, and pay a fine?

And if a fire, is nearby. Use trucks to help in firefight. Calfire/state pays for water tenders, by contract. I believe.

Here’s an idea. Buy water trucks, instead of beautification projects. Give 3 people a job of water tenders, for the city and county together. And truck purple pipe water, all over the county, to residents, whom their wells, have gone dry.

A few new jobs, free water and fire camp maintenance.

Win win win.

No huge fines, which is a waste of precious money. City/county could buy a water truck or two for 1,000 a day, instead of throwing away, fine money. And no environmental factor of devastation the russian river flow.

I’m no exspert in government budget or water issues. I did secretary/treasure a water company, for small neighborhood system.

-Catherine Lair, Ukiah

I think, if we think, of the future and be visionary, these water trucks and employees would help, if Ukiah, also becomes insolvent of water, next year or the year after.

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  • Our money should be used for fire mitigation – The Ukiah Daily Journal
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