Perseverance seen From Space by ExoMars Orbiter from ESA

Perseverance seen From Space by ExoMars Orbiter from ESA

A little over a week ago (February 18, 2021), NASA Perseverance rover landed in the Jezero crater on the surface of Mars. In what was truly a media circus, people around the world watched live coverage of the rover’s landing. When Perseverance landed, it wasn’t just the NASA Mission Controllers who stood up triumphantly to cheer and cheer.

In the days that followed, the world was treated to all kinds of media that showed the surface of Mars and its descent. The most recent comes from Trace gas orbiter (TGO), which is part of ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars program. From From its vantage point, above the Martian sky, the TGO spotted Perseverance in Jezero Crater and acquired footage that shows the rover and other elements of its landing vehicle.

Since 2016, the TGO has been in orbit around Mars and has gathered vital data on the composition of its atmosphere. More specifically, TGO looked for traces of atmospheric methane and other gases that could result from geological or biological activity. These efforts are part of a larger effort to determine whether life existed on Mars billions of years ago (and whether or not yet …

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