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Phillies helped Philadelphia’s “art of words” founder start his company and meet his wife, he claims

Dan’s painting, with a special homage to the Phillies, fills the Duffys’ Flourtown home with their passion for Philadelphia sports.

Dan stated, “I do give credit to the 2008 Phillies, thank you Brad Lidge.

They do this because they think the team started their tale, not just because they love the team.

Dan claims that in the spring of 2008, he was in his late 20s, had finished college, but was still maintaining a “college lifestyle.”

At Bahama Breeze, he went on a prearranged date with Jess, his future wife, and they hit it off right away over their shared passion for the Philadelphia Phillies. Together they watched games and then discussed them on their dates.

With all my rugby friends in Conshohocken, it was Animal House the movie, and Dan admitted that he wasn’t moving very quickly.

Together, they watched the World Series that year, and Dan’s enthusiasm was sparked by the victory. He claims that he desired to return to his artistic roots.

Dan stated, “I just wanted to write up every game from the entire season, the date, the opponent, and the result and see if I could create an image. I was just so thrilled, kind of inspired.” “I don’t know if I would make something if they hadn’t won that year.”

Jess gave the spontaneous creation her full backing. They decided to bring reproductions of his “word art” to the 2009 Phillies home opener in an effort to sell them to tailgaters. They made prints of his “word art.” They began by offering them for sale in Lot K for $10 each.

We just rubber-banded the prints in a cooler that we had, according to Jess. Some customers paid with beers because we had no idea how to offer it to them. ‘Hey buddy, you gotta’ do Tug McGraw, so I have the set of both championships, where’s Reggie White, you could write out all of his sacks,’ they simply said to the tailgaters in Philadelphia. said Dan.

“For sure, what kept me going was their faith in me and desire to see more pieces.” That’s all he did, really.

After selling coolers for around two years, he obtained an MLB licence, which extended his job but also required him to produce for every team. Had to start doing the Yankees and Mets, Dan remarked. “I’ll simply hold my nose and do it.”

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  • Phillies helped Philadelphia’s “art of words” founder start his company and meet his wife, he claims
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