Political tug-of-war suffocation News Voting Technology


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By JOHN BARTLITNew Mexico Citizensfor Clean Air & Water

Political tug-of-war suffocation News Voting Technology

Voting in the 21st century is at the crossroads of three working cultures that diverge so widely that they hardly speak the same language. Yet the activity of voting systems has the greatest intrinsic importance in societies. The problem at the junction is certain. This problem, however, is now showing healthy new signs of switching to a forum known for its rare ability to force exchange. information.

The first language is politics. The major parties keep us particularly well informed about partisan thinking. Likewise, the parties keep us woefully misinformed on composite issues.

A second language is for voting companies who explain their systems. For the US elections, three companies dominate the voting technology offering: Election Systems & Software (founded in the US), Hart InterCivic Inc. (US) and Dominion Voting Systems (Canada). Around the world, some 19 companies have sprung up in countries as small as Holland or as populous as India.

The third language in voting matters is that of technical schools and specialist non-profit groups. A name that suits them is that of the Detective Teams. This set is the most independent of the three cultures and also the least recognized.

A big turning point for voting matters came in 2000. The Bush presidential election against Gore that year ended with legal challenges to voting issues and then the United States….


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