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Fox News Politics: Sen Bob Menendez Faces Growing Calls for Resignation Amid Corruption Charges

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Losing his luster

  • President Biden briefly joined the UAW strike picket line before in Michigan before departing to attend a California fundraiser.
  • The House aims to hold a procedural vote Tuesday evening to move forward on an interim spending bill.
  • The federal government will enter a partial shutdown around midnight Saturday unless Congress passes a budget.
  • The stage for the second GOP presidential debate is set. Opening statements begin 9 p.m. ET Wednesday.
  • Losing his luster

    Senator Bob Menendez is facing growing calls for his resignation following corruption charges. Democrats in the House and Senate, including many from Menendez’s home state of New Jersey, believe it’s time for the twice-indicted politician to step down. Despite the pressure, Menendez has resisted, claiming the allegations are part of a smear campaign against him. While Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has not called for Menendez’s resignation, over a dozen other Democrats in the Senate are demanding he step down.

    Corruption Charges

    The Justice Department has indicted Menendez on charges of accepting bribes in exchange for aiding the Egyptian government and attempting to influence criminal prosecutions. The investigation uncovered gold bars among other items allegedly given as bribes in Menendez’s house.

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    White House’s Response

    The White House has declined to ask Menendez to resign, stating that it is a “serious matter.” They have also taken steps to prevent President Biden from tripping again, following a recent incident. Republicans are scrutinizing Biden’s energy secretary for an incident during her tour of EV charging stations that prompted a call to the police.

    To draw a final conclusion, Senator Bob Menendez is facing increasing pressure to resign due to corruption charges. The Justice Department has accused him of accepting bribes, including gold bars, in exchange for political favors. While the White House has not called for his resignation, they acknowledge the seriousness of the allegations. Republicans are also scrutinizing the actions of Biden’s energy secretary.

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