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The Texas Senate Plans to Conduct Paxton Impeachment Trial by August 28th at the Latest.

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The Texas Senate will hold Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial no later than August 28, with a special committee outlining the rules for the trial to proceed. The Texas House of Representatives approved 12 members to serve as managers, including seven Republicans and five Democrats, who will bring forward the “rules of procedure” during a meeting of the full Senate on June 20. The Senate will act as the jury, and the managers will call witnesses. The trial follows years of alleged misconduct by Paxton, but it remains unclear when it will begin.

As highlighted by KXAN/Nexstar, the Texas Senate has set a deadline of August 28 for the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton. The resolution was adopted by a unanimous vote and followed the appointment of 12 House members who will act as prosecutors during the trial.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also named seven senators to serve on a special committee that will outline the rules for the trial to proceed. The committee members are tasked with bringing forward the “rules of procedure” they establish during a meeting of the full Senate on June 20. At that time, they will decide what it will take for the Senate to convene as a “court of impeachment.”

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The House approved their selection by a vote of 136-4. Afterward, the 12 impeachment managers walked across the Capitol to deliver the 20 articles against Paxton to the Texas Senate, where the trial will unfold. It remains unclear when that will begin yet.

During a news conference held by the 12 managers Monday evening, Rep. Andrew Murr, R-Junction, chair of the managers, explained to reporters that they are now obligated to put on the impeachment trial for the Senate, whose members will act as the jury. He said they will call witnesses.

Paxton has been accused of a number of improprieties, including using his office to benefit a wealthy donor, abusing his power to help a friend and campaign donor, and retaliating against employees who spoke out against him. He has denied all allegations and has refused calls to resign from his position as Attorney General.

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The impeachment trial will be closely watched by political observers and could have significant implications for Texas politics. If Paxton is impeached and removed from office, it would mark a major victory for Democrats and could potentially open the door for a shift in power in the state. However, it remains to be seen whether the Senate will ultimately vote to remove Paxton from office.

In any case, the impeachment trial is likely to be a contentious and closely watched affair, with both sides preparing to present their cases to the Senate and the public. It will be interesting to see how the trial unfolds and what impact it will have on Texas politics going forward.

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