Friday, January 27, 2023
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Prediction of IMPT Price as Token Debuts on New Crypto Exchange

Despite being listed on a new cryptocurrency exchange, a development that typically increases demand and prices, IMPT, the native token that will power the soon-to-be-released, revolutionary blockchain-based carbon credit trading/carbon offset platform, was last trading around 4% lower on Wednesday.

Because IMPT dropped below a short-term ascending trend channel, which set off a wave of technical selling, it underperformed despite the overall lethargic feel to cryptocurrency market trade during year-end low volumes.

On Uniswap, IMPT/USD was last trading at about $0.017 per token, up more than 10% from Tuesday’s lows below $0.01550 but down almost 25% from recent highs in the $0.0225 region.

On Wednesday, December 28,’s token went live on the cryptocurrency exchange BitMart, exposing it to a new cryptocurrency trader and user base.

Given that it just developed a pennant structure, which might lead to either a bullish or bearish breakout, IMPT appears to be at a crossroads in the near future. In the event of a bullish breakout, the cryptocurrency could immediately soar to test recent highs in the $0.02250 region, while a bearish breakout could pave the way for a very swift decline back below $0.012.

On January 1st, IMPT will next be listed on the market along with a $100,000 IMPT token airdrop that is anticipated to spark a lot of buzz.

However, with encouraging news about the IMPT’s development progress anticipated shortly and the token expected to be listed on more exchanges in the coming days, which might increase demand even more, any decline back around $0.012 could be met with a sizable demand for dip purchasing.

A carbon credit trading platform built on the blockchain called aims to make it simpler for consumers and corporations to offset their carbon footprint. Users can obtain carbon credits by accumulating IMPT tokens, which they can then exchange for non-fungible carbon credits (NFTs). The users can then keep these carbon credit NFTs, sell them on the IMPTs market, or burn them to create new NFTs with distinctive artwork.

However, offers a lot more than just a carbon credit exchange. The goal of the project is to encourage customers to conduct “responsible shopping” with firms that care about the environment. The more than 10,000 firms that have agreed to the project will allow users to make purchases on their websites and receive IMPT tokens in exchange via an online widget. In the meantime, includes a built-in mechanism to incentivise users, whether they be people or companies, to gather and burn carbon credit NFTs. Each time a user spends and earns IMPT tokens, invites new users to the platform, or purchases and retires NFT carbon credit NFTs, their score increases. The platform may be integrated by business owners into their stores, which will also boost their scores.

Investors who are leery of brand-new cryptocurrency projects should be aware that the founding team of has been Know Your Customer (KYC) confirmed by CoinSniper, and the project has completed a thorough security examination by Hacken. Respected companies like CoinSniper and Hacken are known for only approving trustworthy cryptocurrency initiatives.

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  • Prediction of IMPT Price as Token Debuts on New Crypto Exchange
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