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Project on a Whiteboard for Business Motivated by a Want to Help Students

Students get the chance to create, propose, and market a business plan each year through Cedarville University’s Integrated Business Core. Students in this 12-month programme take Principles of Marketing in the spring semester and Principles of Finance and Organizational Management in the fall semester. Students have the opportunity to model the entire business process in these three classes, which are spaced out across two semesters. Students acquire practical knowledge and abilities that are easily transferable to the job after graduation during this procedure. They will eventually propose their business proposal to a board of alumni for approval in order to secure money for their project.

He learned that this issue specifically affected stem and nursing students, whose education frequently had them to write out lengthy paragraphs of information by hand, from talks with students across campus and hallmates. Miller claims he built this whiteboard product with them in mind, even though it is useful for everyone.

Caleb Miller’s struggle to effectively study in his packed dorm room gave him the idea for his whiteboard company, Boardless. After speaking with a diverse group of students from all over campus, he realised this issue of a cluttered study area was a recurrent one. Students were struggling to focus and complete their work because there wasn’t enough room for them to study effectively.

His proposed whiteboard product is “the Lite-Board, an adaptive, portable, and reusable whiteboard replacement that sells for $12.99.”

The prototype on which Miller based his creation was brought in from China. He is putting a lot of effort into making this fantasy a reality and is eager to pioneer a version of this concept for American markets. It has definite potential to succeed.

The compact, rectangular dry-erase laminated plastic sheet known as Lite-Board is a portable, flexible, and space-saving alternative of this large whiteboard. It adheres readily to any surface and is non-adhesive, yet it also doesn’t leave any residue. In the present U.S. market, this particular product is hard to find, although it is more common overseas.

Miller and his group went through the steps to ascertain whether such a project was viable after they had a clear understanding of the kind of product they wished to develop. They created a marketing strategy in order to get the loan and use the money made accessible to IBC students.

They assessed their finances first, ran a cost-benefit analysis, thought about shipping costs, and then compared those costs to how many units they thought they could sell. His team and he have found it encouraging to observe how topics they have been studying in class may be used in real-world situations. They now have a newfound understanding for everything their major has to offer after working through a finance evaluation for a product they are going to launch in real time.

Every step of the way, their lecturers have supported them, providing helpful criticism and sincerely wanting them to succeed. Due of this, Miller and his team were able to present Boardless to the committee for approval or denial. The product was approved with the condition that a few improvements be made. They want to start selling in the middle of October. According to their analysis, they’ve made the decision to initially order and sell 400 units to gauge how the demand fluctuates. All of their proceeds will be donated to Back2Back, a charity that supports vulnerable children and their communities holistically via orphan care.

At the conclusion of their business initiative, Miller and his group will each perform 10 hours of volunteer work in addition to giving Back2Back all of their profits. Miller and the Integrated Business Core demonstrate what it means to have a plan and a goal of giving back to their community in every way imaginable, from assisting students with their academic performance to making charitable donations and volunteering.

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