Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Rare banknotes will be auctioned off to benefit food charities

To help collect money for food charities, certain rare banknotes held by NatWest are being auctioned. The Bank of England, Ulster Bank, the old National Bank of Scotland, and the Royal Bank of Scotland will all have notes available for sale.
Among the notes is a never-before-used Royal Bank of Scotland £50 polymer note with the serial number AA888888 that features Flora Stevenson, a social reformer, and Edinburgh’s Randolph Crescent.

On November 29, 2022, the first of three auctions is taking place.

According to NatWest, some of the older notes are over 100 years old and date back to the First World War, including a Bank of England 10 shilling note from 1919.

There will be additional auctions on December 16 of this year and January 19 of 2023.

The Trussell Trust, whose network of food bank facilities assists people around the UK, will receive the money as a donation.

The auctions could potentially raise more than £400,000, according to estimates.

Through its MyRewards programme, NatWest also gives consumers the option to donate to a number of charities, including the Trussell Trust.

“We have been a long-term supporter of the Trussell Trust and we are happy to be building further upon that support to help those most in need with the current cost of living issue,” said Richard Talbot, head of cash and self-service at NatWest.

The Trussell Trust’s CEO, Emma Revie, said: “We are deeply appreciative of the NatWest team for their extraordinary support. “As winter approaches, more individuals are expected to require assistance from a food bank, and food banks in our network face the challenge of giving more than 7,000 food parcels to people in need every day in December.

“But in the end, nobody in the UK should require a food bank; we should all have enough money to cover our basic needs, including food, clothing, and heating. “The assistance of NatWest will help food banks within our network continue to offer the lifeline of emergency assistance for local people in need, while we work in the long term to end the need for food banks, for good,” the organisation said.

The banknotes are being auctioned off by Spink, whose head of banknotes for Europe and the US said: “We are proud to know that the money raised will be greatly helpful to those in need.” All sales will take place at Spink’s headquarters in central London’s Southampton Row.

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