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Unconventional Bathroom Design of Joshua Tree Home Raises Eyebrows

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Summary: A minimalist home in Joshua Tree, California, has gained attention for its unusual bathroom design. The bathroom appears to be open-air, but it actually has a sliding glass door and motorized blinds for privacy. The listing agent explains that the home offers plenty of privacy due to its rural location.

  • The bathroom in the Joshua Tree home has a sliding glass door and motorized blinds for privacy.
  • The home is located in a rural area, offering plenty of privacy.
  • The house has been listed as a short-term rental with positive reviews.
  • The outdoor soaking tub is a popular feature for guests.
  • For-sale Joshua Tree home raises eyebrows for unusual bathroom

    A minimalist home in Joshua Tree, California, has caught the attention of many due to its unique bathroom design. While it may appear to be an open-air bathroom, the reality is quite different. The bathroom features a sliding glass door that can be closed completely, along with motorized blinds for added privacy. Listing agent Faisal Alserri assures potential buyers that the bathroom offers complete privacy, with no chance of desert creatures wandering in or neighbors catching a glimpse.

    One of the key factors contributing to the privacy of this home is its location. Unlike bustling cities where lofts and large windows often lead to privacy concerns, Joshua Tree offers a rural setting with fewer people. Alserri emphasizes that strangers won’t be peering in, as the area is quite rural and sparsely populated.

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    The Perfect Desert Retreat

    This 1,280-square-foot home on 2.5 acres is a true desert retreat. The house has a history of being listed as a short-term rental, boasting hundreds of five-star reviews. Guests have enjoyed the unique experience of the outdoor soaking tub, which is a common feature in desert homes. The tub provides the perfect opportunity for stargazing and has been a hit among visitors, whether they are on a girls’ trip or traveling solo.

    With its stunning minimalist design, privacy features, and rural location, this Joshua Tree home offers a truly unique and tranquil living experience. Priced at $759,000, it presents an opportunity for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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