Real-world applications of data science

Real-world applications of data science

Today, in this modern era, the implementation of data science to solve real world problems. Sectors like healthcare, education, banking and finance, e-commerce, to name a few, use data science in depth. The fact that data is huge and growing exponentially calls for better implementation of data science.

What are the applications of data science in the real world?

Not one, not two but hundreds and thousands of fields use data science in a way that is beyond imagination. Hadn’t he been for data science, the technological world would not have appreciated the ease and comfort that we have to see today. Here are some of the many apps that have changed everything for the better and made life easier than ever.

Medical industry / health sector

It is surely one of those sectors that we cannot do without. This industry has probably seen the best applications of data science. Developing a drug is not as easy as it sounds. This involves not only extensive knowledge, but also a lot of patience and time to bring the drug to market. Sometimes a single drug can take more than 10 years to be …

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