Republic Commando looks worse on Switch than Xbox due to glitch


Aspyr Media released Star Wars: Republic Commando on Switch and PS4 after the game had been an Xbox and PC exclusive for many years. The darker, grittier look at the Star Wars universe was a big deal among fans when it released prior to the release of George Lucas’ third Prequel Trilogy film. Not only was it a competent tactical FPS, but it was unique to experience that sci-fi universe through the lens of a clone trooper. Players have been demanding a sequel ever since it released, but the odds of that happening in the current Star Wars era seem slim. However, more ports of the original are a great consolation prize. Continue scrolling to keep reading
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This is certainly a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. Star Wars: Republic Commando prides itself far more on its effective storytelling and great gameplay, but a new coat of paint certainly wouldn’t hurt it. All things considered, the game has stood the test of time fairly well and hopefully, Disney will see the potential in that and greenlight a sequel or reboot. Star Wars: Republic Commando is available on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Visual errors aside, Star Wars: Republic Commando holds up fairly well and is still being well-received by critics despite some lackluster visuals. It’s currently unclear whether or not the PS4 version suffers from similar issues, but if it’s also based on the PC version, the issue is likely present in that port as well. Whether or not Aspyr will address this in a future update or patch remains to be seen. Given Aspyr is making an effort to revive it, it’s possible the newly-released Star Wars: Republic Commando port could help rally support if it performs well enough. That said, it’s not making a great first impression among Nintendo Switch players. Reddit user conquer69 reports that the Nintendo Switch version of the game includes a bug from the old PC port of the game, which eliminated bump mapping. Although it’s not the worst thing in the world and likely won’t be noticeable to some, it essentially causes the graphics to look very flat and smooth. As a result, it lacks the visual flare and lighting effects that otherwise helped to make the game pop on the original Xbox. The below images reflect what the game looks like with bump mapping vs. what it looks like without it.

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