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Shakira’s Trip to Barcelona Reignites Speculations about Lewis Hamilton in F1 Circles

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Shakira and Lewis Hamilton have been spotted together multiple times, sparking rumors of a romance. Shakira changed her plans to drop off her children with their father in Barcelona and it is unclear why. Previously, it was reported that her children would be collected by their father in Miami where she now lives. It is unknown if Shakira will attend the grand prix to support Hamilton or if they will see each other afterwards. Hamilton was seen picking up Shakira from her home on a boat when he was in the US for the F1 Miami Grand Prix.

Following recent reports, superstar singer Shakira has changed her plans to come to Barcelona on Sunday to drop off her children with their father, former footballer Gerard Pique. This change in plans has fueled rumors of a possible romance between Shakira and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

The two have been pictured together on more than one occasion recently, but neither of them have said anything about each other. It was previously reported that Shakira would remain in Miami, where she now lives, and her children would be collected by their father. However, the Lavanguardia report suggests that there may be more to the story.

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While it is unclear why Shakira decided to change her plans, many are speculating that she may be coming to Barcelona to lend support to Hamilton during the Grand Prix. When Hamilton was in the US for the F1 Miami Grand Prix, he collected Shakira from her home on a boat and took her for a spin on the water, leading many to believe that there may be something romantic between them.

Despite the rumors, neither Shakira nor Hamilton have confirmed anything about their relationship status. However, the recent change in plans has only added fuel to the fire, and many are eagerly anticipating the Grand Prix to see if the two will cross paths.

In the meantime, fans of Hamilton and Formula One are eagerly anticipating the race in Barcelona, where Hamilton will be looking to continue his impressive form. The Mercedes driver has already won three races this season and is currently leading the championship standings.

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Hamilton’s performance in Monaco was particularly impressive, as he managed to finish in seventh place despite starting from the pit lane. The team had made several upgrades to his car for the race, and many were curious to see if they would pay off.

Following a recent video on, the upgrades did seem to work, as Hamilton was able to make up several positions during the race. However, there is still a long way to go in the season, and Hamilton will need to continue performing at a high level if he hopes to win his eighth championship.

As for Shakira, fans will have to wait and see if she makes an appearance at the Grand Prix and if she and Hamilton cross paths. Regardless of whether or not there is anything romantic between them, the two are undoubtedly two of the biggest stars in their respective fields, and it would certainly be exciting to see them together.

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