Speculation of Poll Delay Sparks Concerns Amid Economic Uncertainty

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Why rumors of poll delay? – Newspaper

  • Speculation grips the imagination of journalists regarding the possibility of delayed elections in the country.
  • Unnamed sources from the caretaker cabinet, senators, and diplomats fuel the speculation.
  • Elections serve as a release valve for the have-nots and are crucial for the economy.
  • Economic upheaval due to political uncertainty can severely curtail growth and development.
  • Introduction

    A few weeks after the ECP announced the date for general elections in the country, speculation has again gripped the imagination of many ‘on-camera journalists’ who cast doubts about polls being held in February next year. Some have quoted unnamed members of the caretaker cabinet, senators, and diplomats, fueling the rumors of a delayed election.

    The Pitfalls of Postponement

    Elections, no matter how far from ideal, serve as a release valve for the have-nots in particular. Economic development and growth will be severely curtailed in times of political uncertainty and upheaval. Given the importance being attached to economic revival, it would be nothing but utterly foolhardy to delay the electoral process.

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