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Russian hackers are targeted by Ukraine’s volunteer ‘IT army’, minister says

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Last week, the country’s largest energy producer—which runs four nuclear power plants—survived what officials described as the most significant hacker attack on Ukraine since the end of February.

Ukrainians are responding to Russian digital infrastructure at the same time. The federal postal service, pension fund, online banking, and video conference platforms were among the more than 600 online services in Russia that were impacted by Ukrainian hackers last month, according to a statement from the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation.

The strike had no negative effects, according to Energoatom, the nuclear agency of Ukraine.

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“Cyberspace is a frontline of the 21st century, and victories there are as important as in actual battlefields,” Mykhailo Fedorov, the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, told source.

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  • Russian hackers are targeted by Ukraine’s volunteer ‘IT army’, minister says
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NewsHacking NewsRussian hackers are targeted by Ukraine's volunteer 'IT army', minister says

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