Science for society: the path to Atmanirbhar Bharat

Science for society: the path to Atmanirbhar Bharat

Science is the main tool for understanding reality and finding possible explanations for the phenomena around us. From from classical mechanics to quantum physics we have come a long way, accepting new assumptions and rejecting established theories. Science helps us better understand the various causes.

Since ancient times, India has been at the forefront of science and technology. Charak and Susrutha in the medical sciences, Aryabhata and Bhaskaracharya in the mathematical sciences, Nagarjuna and Kanad in the chemical sciences, to name a few, have done foundational work. The Indian Knowledge System (IKS) is full of these illustrious luminaries. The six schools of Indian philosophy, namely – Samkhya, Vaisheshika, Nyay, Yoga, Purva-Mimamsa and Vedanta – have extensive knowledge of logic, atomic theory, health, perception, inference, postulation, comparison and deductions. essential components of modern science.

Science, aided by technology and innovation, has made our lives comfortable. As India celebrates National Science Day to recognize the significance of the discovery of the Raman Effect by Nobel Laureate CV Raman, I would like to pay tribute and respect …

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