Monday, October 18, 2021

Scientists say physical distortion drive is now possible

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  • A new paper offers a fully physically produced model for the warp drive.
  • It builds on an existing model that requires negative energy – an impossibility.
  • The new model is exciting, but the speed of warping is probably still decades or centuries away.

    In a surprising new paper, scientists say they’ve developed a physical model for warp training, which goes against what we have long thought of the crazy concept of warp speed travel: that it requires alien and negative forces.

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    To better understand what this breakthrough means, you’ll need a quick crash course in the distant idea of ​​traveling in folded space.

    The familiar term “warp drive” comes from science fiction, notably Star Trek. The Federation’s faster-than-light warp drive works by collision of matter and antimatter and converts explosive energy into propulsion. Star Trek suggests that this extraordinary power alone pushes the ship at speeds faster than light.

    Scientists have been studying and theorizing faster-than-light space travel for decades. A big…

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    • Headline: Scientists say physical distortion drive is now possible
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