Friday, February 3, 2023
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County Democrats respond to crucial campaign email

Vincent Peterson II, the Democratic candidate for the 64th Congressional District of Ohio, said that Ohio Republican campaign documents sent to voters called him “radical, hateful, and divisive.” claiming to be false and seeking to tarnish his reputation.

“A lot of this is scare tactics (Republicans) used statewide,” he said. “They use catchphrases and scare tactics.”

Peterson meets Republican Nick Santucci in the state House race.

Howland’s Peterson said the Republican campaign email “is not what people are looking for. I try to stay positive and focus on us and our campaign.” I`ve had my opportunities to take shots, but I`ve chosen not to take those shots. I wouldn`t support my party taking shots at my opponent.”

Santucci wouldn`t comment when specifically asked if he had any input into the ORP mailers critical of Peterson, but said: “I`m not sending out any negative mailers. My campaign is focused on the issues that actually matter to working people in our district like crime, inflation and bringing new jobs to our community.”

The mailers drew criticism from Mark Alberini, Trumbull County Democratic Party chairman, who said during a Tuesday news conference that the ORP flyers are “obviously sanctioned by Santucci.” Alberini described them as “divisive,” “false” and “include race baiting. We call on Santucci to stop with these outrageous lies.”

Santucci added: “This is a silly attempt by the local Democratic Party to distract from the fact that their agenda is failing working people and they`re losing this race. I`ve been getting attacked by Democrats in Columbus, too, but I`m not wasting time and calling press conferences as last-minute acts of desperation.”

The flyers attack Peterson for supposedly “pushing soft-on-crime policies” even though he is a former state parole officer and he — and not Santucci — received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio. The district includes all of Warren, Girard, Liberty, Niles, Hubbard, Vienna, Howland, MacDonald, Wethersfield and parts of Warren Township.

Some of the criticism in Republican mailers may relate to a speech Peterson gave in 2020 shortly after black George Floyd was murdered by white police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In that speech, addressed to a largely black audience, Peterson said that inner-city crime and poverty are increasing police presence.”

In his speech, he said it was time to recognize the horrific effects of slavery, segregation and lynching on the country. In his 2020 speech, Peterson said, “They taught us that no matter what happens now there will be a race war. But please understand this. We have been in a race war for 400 years.” has continued.”

Peterson serves as a district and community affairs liaison for the US House of Representatives. Tim Ryan, D-Howland. Prior to that, he worked as a state parole officer. Republican campaign documents claim that Peterson “contempts our safety” and is “a radical extremist who will put us all in jeopardy. burning and looting raging, we can’t afford Peterson in power.

He claimed that Peterson “wasn’t friends with the police” and that working families were “crushed by inflation running away and struggling to buy gas and groceries”, they “couldn’t stand the price increase”. more painful at the hands of Democrats like Peterson.” It also linked him to Joe Biden, calling the Democratic president “Peterson’s best friend” and that “Democrats like Peterson have no problem with Biden hiring 82,000 IRS agents to harass people.” Americans respect the law.”

“Inflation has nothing to do with me or the IRS,” says Peterson. “These are federal matters.” Peterson said he gave his 2020 speech on his Instagram page until about a year ago when some people asked him to take it down because political opponents could use it against him.

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