Horning: Nick Saban remains sport’s biggest mystery | Sports

Horning: Nick Saban remains sport's biggest mystery |  Sports

There was a time when I had read most of the books that John Feinstein had written. Since then, time has slipped away.

Look for it if you need to, although a title might jog your memory.

Feinstein wrote “A Season on the Brink,” a tale of a year spent at the heart of coach Bob Knight’s Indiana basketball program.

Although he let him in, Knight was not happy with Feinstein’s work, but reading it must be mesmerized, understanding one of the strangest ducks in the history of sports.

Five years earlier, 1981, for Sports Illustrated, the great Frank Deford featured Knight in a play called “The Rabbit Hunter”.

It was amazing too, but I missed it at the time, getting there maybe 20 years later, around the time Knight came to Texas Tech.

Well Deford is dead, Knight is no longer on stage, but Feinstein is still going strong and he has to …

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