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In the Last 11 Years, Gremlins Claim Seventh U.P Title | Latest News, Sports, Employment Opportunities

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The Houghton Gremlins boys golf team won the Upper Peninsula championship at Sweetgrass Golf Course in Harris. They have won seven of the last 11 titles, with one lost due to COVID. Coach Corey Markham attributes their success to having great depth, with consistent play from their five-deep team. While Marino Pisani has been their No. 1 golfer, the difference between him and their No. 5 is just a few strokes, which has been awesome for their group. Pisani finished tied for seventh, shooting 80 at Sweetgrass in 2021 and finished second with a 78 at Sage Run last season.

The Houghton Gremlins boys golf team won the U.P. championship at Sweetgrass Golf Course on Wednesday in Harris. Pictured (from left): Ryan Schmierer, Camden Markham, Marino Pisani, Cooper Leonard, Jack Sayen, and coach Corey Markham. (Provided photo)

For the Houghton Gremlins boys golf team, the last 11 years have been a period of sustained success. On Wednesday, they won their seventh Upper Peninsula title in the last 11 years at Sweetgrass Golf Course in Harris. This achievement is a testament to the team’s consistency and depth, as they have consistently fielded strong teams over the years.

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Coach Corey Markham is understandably proud of his team’s achievements, saying, “Our golf program has been so strong in the last about 10, 11 years…Not a lot of schools are able to go five deep, and have consistent play. That’s what we have pretty consistently. So, it’s been a great run.”

One of the reasons for the team’s success has been their depth. While it is always helpful to have a standout player who can consistently shoot low scores, team success in high school golf comes from having multiple players who can perform at a high level. The Gremlins have had just that, with their No. 1 golfer, Marino Pisani, consistently in contention to win tournaments, but the difference between their No. 1 and No. 5 golfers being just a few strokes.

Pisani has been particularly impressive in recent years, finishing tied for seventh in the 2021 U.P. championship and finishing second in the 2020 championship. His strong performances have been a big reason for the team’s continued success.

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As the final thought, the Gremlins’ sustained success is a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication. With their depth and consistent performances, they have been able to consistently compete at a high level and bring home championships. Congratulations to the Houghton Gremlins boys golf team on their latest title!

Source: Mining Gazette

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