‘not really a good time to do it’

'not really a good time to do it'

John Calipari questioned the timing of his players’ protest against the attack on the US Capitol. (AP Photo / James Crisp)

John Calipari has meticulously honed his reputation as a player coach.

A recruiting Titan, he rebuilt Kentucky’s blue-blooded basketball program in his own image, a haven for five-star talent to compete for championships and – most importantly – to grow as men and prospects. of the NBA.

This is the message that Calipari sells every chance he gets, and every time there’s a camera around, which is regular.

He went dramatically off post on Wednesday when speaking about a recent gamer protest against last week’s violence on Capitol Hill.

Kentucky players protest

In the aftermath of last week’s deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol by a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump, the Calipari players have made a statement. They knelt during the national anthem ahead of Saturday’s game against SEC rival Florida.

“It’s a lot of things that happen every day that we knelt for,”…

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  • According to the source ‘not really a good time to do it’
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