OUTSIDE: It’s cold, but… | Sports

OUTSIDE: It's cold, but… |  Sports

Sure, it’s cold there, but there is still some hunting left in the season and some fish are still biting. So, let’s regroup and go to the great outdoors.

Deer season is over, and it looks like hunters in Virginia have done pretty much the same thing as last year – some 200,000 plus animals, which isn’t a bad result. The deer harvest is now quite stable and that is a good thing. But now it’s time for hunters to look for ducks and geese.

The duck season runs until January 31, and the colder it gets the better the hunt. When things freeze over in our north, the ducks move south and when and if our lakes and ponds start to freeze, the ducks move. The limit is six birds per day, but know your ducks before you go as each species has its own limits.

Quail and pheasant season is also until January 31, although quail is closed on all public land west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The limit is six quail per day, but there is no daily or seasonal bag limit for pheasant.

Geese are …

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