Monday, January 30, 2023
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Quin Snyder returns to work for a short time in Paris

Quin Snyder is back in his element. Sweatshirts, sneakers, T-shirts. Rate players, share ideas, connect with new people and reconnect with others.

He is also a coach. For two days, anyway. It was a start.

Snyder is the director of the Combined African Basketball Federation which takes place on Sundays and Mondays in Paris. It’s the first time he’s done anything serious around the game since making the decision last spring to end his tenure as the Utah Jazz coach after eight seasons.

“It was a sabbatical for me. A personal sabbatical,” Snyder told The Associated Press. “I think it’s healthy. It was a tough decision, but this one is unique and at this stage of my career it’s something that’s really important to me.

It’s been an important week for sport in Paris. The Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons arrived before their game in the French capital on Thursday night. NBA commissioner Adam Silver arrives on Tuesday and of course there’s no stopping talk about Victor Wembanyama – the 19-year-old, 7-foot-3 French phenomenon who is expected to be the No. 1 pick this year. draft s. Wembanyama will most likely be there on Thursday night to watch the game, watching over who he will be up against in about 10 months.

Snyder made no attempt to hide how much he enjoyed the two-day concert, which he accepted because of his 20-year friendship with BAL president Amadou Gallo Fall. Joakim Noah and Dwyane Wade were among those sitting on the field for Monday’s games, while Snyder watched from a corner before guiding the training clinic after the game was over.

The Bulls landed in Paris on Monday, headed straight to the training center for a workout and even talked about Wembanyama.

“Hopefully we can see him,” said Bulls Center Nikola Vucevic.

And Snyder saw all the cross-cultural symmetry on Monday, standing in France watching the men hope for the chance to play in Africa, with Americans, Italians and Greeks, and more. in the gym are watching and there is no shortage of language. Half way around the world from home is at home, because Snyder feels comfortable anywhere. He spent time in Senegal with Fall, was part of the Russian championship as an assistant to CSKA Moscow a decade ago, was a college coach, was a junior coach, was Coach in the NBA. It’s time to change. The Jazz traded Mitchell and Rudy Gobert to start reinventing their roster, Will Hardy – one of the league’s much-awaited coaches – took over in Utah and Snyder spent time with his family for the first time. family without interruption.

It is not a retreat. Snyder will once again be the coach. When, no one knows, not even him. But the past two days had reminded him how much he needed to be on the floor, talking to someone. “I hope,” Snyder said, “I can do it again.”


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