Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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The 49ers anticipated trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the Commanders during the offseason.

The San Francisco 49ers were lucky Jimmy Garoppolo was still on the roster after a whirlwind of trying to trade him off. San Francisco left Garoppolo and named Trey Lance their starting quarterback, looking for a business partner for their former starter so Lance wouldn’t feel pressured into his role.

Garoppolo, who underwent out-of-season shoulder surgery that hampered any chance of his treatment, finally returned to the 49ers after the team agreed to renew his contract as a backup for the 49ers. Lance. Lance played less than two games before sustaining a season-ending ankle injury, returning Garoppolo to the job he’d held for five years – to huge success.

The 49ers believe they have acquired a Garoppolo buyer this season, which would dramatically alter their 2022 season if the deal goes through. According to ESPN, San Francisco assumed it had reached an agreement with Washington commanders before Garoppolo’s march on the shoulders. When Garoppolo decided to have surgery because his shoulder wasn’t healing as originally thought, Washington went ahead and closed the deal with Carson Wentz a few days later.

The 49ers decided to restructure Garoppolo’s contract when they couldn’t find his business partner in training camp. Garoppolo’s new deal includes $6.5 million in a fully guaranteed base salary with a no-trading and no-tagging clause attached to the deal. This allows Garoppolo to become a free agent and choose his next team in 2023. Garoppolo is currently leading games where he has enjoyed massive success under Kyle Shanahan, including taking the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game in two of the past three years. He completed 68.3% of his passes for 3,810 yards with 20 touchdowns in 12 interceptions last season, recorded a passing stat of 98.7 and led the league in yards per time. completed (12,7). Garoppolo is second in the league in completion rate (71.1%) as of Week 10 and fourth in passer rating (103.6) in the same series. 8.64 yards per attempt to finish second in the NFL.

“I think they did some really good things,” Shanahan said on Monday. “I think we’ve done a very good job of managing the ball, it’s just a collective effort from everyone. Everyone who has done that and the points we got shows that. think we did a good job on the third try and things like that. So overall I’m happy, but I really want to do better. ”

In Sunday’s win over the Seattle Seahawks, Garoppolo went through 13 of 21 154 yards with a touchdown, ending at 100.1. He also had a rushed touch when fouling the 49ers not missing a beat when he was in the game.

The 49ers dodged a bullet by not trading Garoppolo. As for their 2022 outlook, they could have increased their Super Bowl odds accordingly.

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  • The 49ers anticipated trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the Commanders during the offseason.
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