Thursday, January 26, 2023
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The coach’s curse before leaving

During the craziest time of the year in college football with transfers, bowling matches and, of course, early signing dates, one thing that is really changing the game is the coaching movement.

Coaches are always free to roam, and last season marked one of the most exciting coach carousels we’ve ever seen. Lincoln Riley left the Oklahoma giants to rebuild one of USC’s sleeping sports giants. We also see Brian Kelly hopping the train from Notre Dame to Baton Rouge to take on the LSU job.

There haven’t been any celebrity launches this time around, but there are certainly some big names going on as we’ve seen Deion Sanders, Luke Fickell and Hugh Freeze find new homes. We don’t know the reasoning behind everyone’s decision, whether it’s going home, money or maybe just a better chance, but one thing we do know is that no head coach left. go to join another gig that just does it in a nice way.

To better understand what even made me think of this, I saw a tweet mocking Deion Sanders for losing the HBCU National Championships to NC Central on Saturday, implying that because he lost that game, he won’t make it in Colorado. A real handle has no weight, but I’m still writing about it here. I think it will be interesting to look at every head coach who has taken on the new head coach position in this coach rotation and how they performed in their last game.

Now, all of these losses can be due to the coach being negligent, the team hearing rumors, or of course they were just beaten by the better team, it’s up to you to decide. I just think it’s interesting that of the eight head coaches so far taking on new jobs, none of them managed to win the last game during the previous pause.

Side note, their last loss as head coach at their previous job really meant nothing. Nick Saban lost his last game at LSU before entering the Alabama gig, and I think we can all agree that he did a great job. That’s not to say any of these coaches are about to become the all-time greats, but I think the college football world needs to realize that a game at your previous gig isn’t going to happen. influence the next term of the coach.

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