Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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To defeat Héctor Luis García, a formidable foe, Gervonta Davis must maintain a zen approach.

Of all the various pre-battle stories that appeared on Saturday’s Showtime pay-per-view in Washington, D.C., titled the return of Gervonta “Tank” Davis, very few had could find the airspace after the arrest of the powerful star solely for domestic crime.

Davis (27-0.25 KOs), who is expected to face 130-pound belt owner Hector Luis Garcia (16-0, 10 KOs) in a lightweight main event, has been in prison one night and was released on $1,000 bail after he was accused of punching his daughter’s mother with a closed punch in Parkland, Florida, where the boxer was training.

Reactions to the troublesome arrest, another of the legal setbacks for the 28-year-old Baltimore man, began to change somewhat when his accuser publicly denied and admitted that she shouldn’t have called the police and Davis was never really touched. her or their daughter. However, the charges have not yet been dropped.

Considering that Davis is due to appear in court in February on 14 counts related to a 2020 hit-and-run crash and already faces two misdemeanors after he was caught on camera punching a woman another earlier this year- there at a charity basketball game, understandably the benefit of the doubt to the multi-division champion was minimal. But after lengthy deliberations involving the network and promoters on whether or not to cancel the event, the fight will continue as planned in Capital One Arena.

Is it the power that allows a troubled star with a history that’s constantly in disarray or does Davis become a target for trouble in ways that he can’t avoid and aren’t they always his fault? ? And, wait a minute, are we sure he really should be fighting this weekend?

Instead of focusing on whether Davis is neglecting his current rival in delivering the previously agreed-upon April blockbuster against rising star Ryan Garcia, the stories are somewhat true. directed against “Tanks” and his character.

Among the more overshadowed stories, however, is the story of Davis embracing his career and standing on his own from an advertising standpoint, which makes for an interesting parallel to explore about how Davis can handle the distraction that problems outside the ring can cause. have the job at hand. After rising to fame under the banner of Floyd Mayweather and his eponymous advertising agency, Davis recently split. It seems that blaming Davis has more to do with wanting to get ahead of oneself, but rumors have long existed about the sometimes unstable relationship between mentor Davis and mentor, the astrologer. Mayweather 5 weight class opponent.

Though Davis still credits Mayweather for helping to grow his brand from such infancy to the present day, where “The Tank” regularly sells out in arenas from coast to coast. other coasts in the United States, but Mayweather is potentially wise that Davis may be the most needed during such difficult times.

Mayweather’s mental toughness, and in particular his capacity to compartmentalize the stress and chaos that was constantly occurring around him outside the ring in order to remain focused inside of it, went a long way toward helping him stay undefeated throughout his legendary career in addition to his electrifying speed and sublime technical skill. Mayweather was as unflappable as any boxer the sport has ever seen from that perspective.

Mayweather was able to maintain his composure to defeat a focused Miguel Cotto in order to maintain his perfect record, despite the fact that his own prison term in 2012 for domestic assault in front of his own children was imminent. If the few, subdued remarks Davis made at the final press conference on Thursday are any indication, his attention is currently focused.

These are merely hiccups in life’s journey, according to Davis. Even during such a turbulent period in his career arc, it seems like Davis going solo is a good thing from the outside looking in. In fact, Mayweather has been criticized so frequently for allegedly stealing too much of the limelight from Davis by simply appearing with him in public and speaking to the media on his behalf, so it’s encouraging to see Davis make an effort to stand alone.

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  • To defeat Héctor Luis García, a formidable foe, Gervonta Davis must maintain a zen approach.
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