Spot UFOs: Do-It-Yourself Sky Watching Online

Spot UFOs: Do-It-Yourself Sky Watching Online

If you’re stumped, bewildered, and bewildered by reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and possible visits from alien spacecraft, you can jump into action with do-it-yourself sky scouting gear.

With the low cost and high capabilities of today’s consumer technology, you too may be ready to document unusual occurrences.

Enter the world of Sky Hub, a global network of smart sensors designed to capture digital signatures of anomalous events. This participatory network of smart trackers with downloads of “edge processing” data unusual phenomena at a Sky Hub Cloud.

The driving forces behind the Sky Hub initiative are focused on the rapid growth and evolution of machine learning to streamline the analysis of large data sets and the increasing accessibility of artificial intelligence (AI) ready hardware . These advancements can be harnessed to probe the continuing and confusing behavior of UAPs and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) that roam the skies.

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Work in progress

Sky Hub’s mission is clear: to connect a network of sensor arrays belonging to civilians, to use machine learning to catalog abnormal events,…

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