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Spring Hills, a Private Pay Home Healthcare Provider, Takes an All-in-One Approach to Post-Acute Care

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“We are currently positioning our business in the home care setting to be an all-in-one provider,” Andre Gomez, the VP of operations at Spring Hills, told Home Health Care News. “We are going to do what every other home care company does. But we are also going to do what every other home care company doesn’t.” The private-pay Spring Hills’ network includes long-term care facilities, assisted living and memory care communities, and home-based care. All in all, it has 35 locations across seven states.

“The goal is really to devour the market trends and make sure that we stay ahead of them,” Gomez said. Gomez believes this gives Spring Hills a leg up in the industry, and that it tends to be a misconception that you can’t be a medical home health provider and in private pay.

“When patients have been conditioned and educated on the value of private-pay services, it’s easier for us to really augment and supplement the limitations and the cavitations that insurance provides our seniors,” Gomez said. “And that’s why we are able to give them better services through our home care.” “There is a tremendous attrition rate in private-duty home care and non-medical home care,” he said. “People are having to close doors, because they unfortunately did not innovate. They did not evolve, and they became casualties, unfortunately, because of the limitations they placed on themselves.”

As a private-pay-based home health provider, it has to alter the services it provides based on the on the certificate-of-need (CON) requirements in each state. It can provide less medical services in those states, for instance, but in non-CON states it has more flexibility. Specifically, Spring Hills wants to be able to provide medical, pharmacy, concierge, occupational therapy and exercise services to all of its patients. In addition, it wants to become as big of a staffing business as it is a home care one.

While many believe patients are mostly worried about financial costs when choosing a provider, the ability to stay with one agency throughout their journey actually ranks higher, Gomez said. Spring Hills believes its ability to be an all-encompassing post-acute care provider increases its value proposition to potential patients.

“They don’t want to tell their story to someone else — they want to go to a provider that is part of a bigger system,” Gomez said. “What we have seen is that when patients go to the health care providers that are not interconnected, it creates a lack of continuity and the lack of continuity really creates chaos. … When we admit someone into our post-acute care system, their information and medical history is shared through the continuum. So all the patient needs to do is just enjoy the ride, so to speak.” Reducing readmissions
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  • Spring Hills, a Private Pay Home Healthcare Provider, Takes an All-in-One Approach to Post-Acute Care
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