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Super Nintendo World confirms Donkey Kong expansion

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The construction of the first Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan began in 2017 and it officially opened this year. Another Super Nintendo World is currently under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood but isn’t expected to open until 2022. Nintendo’s Donkey Kong franchise began in 1981 and has become a pillar of the gaming company since.

This announcement by Nintendo comes just a handful of months after the park’s opening in March. As of now, the current version of the Super Nintendo World brings players to the world of Mario and hosts Bowser’s Castle, a Yoshi-themed ride, and even a restaurant run by Toad. This expansion will bring park-goers into the world of Donkey Kong and should consist of a new roller coaster, interactive experiences, as well as themed food and merchandise, according to the release. Likely this new area will consist of jungles full of the characters and enemies often found in the Donkey Kong games. The new addition will increase the overall size of the park by approximately 70 percent.

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Noting that though, there are a lot of other Nintendo franchises that could work as an expansion to the park. Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda are just two of the numerous options out there that could work just as well. Hopefully these other franchises get their chance at this park in the near future. But, that being said, a Donkey Kong expansion should work really well alongside the original portion of the Super Nintendo Park.

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This addition to Super Nintendo World gives fans a good deal to be excited about. Since the creation of Donkey Kong, the series has sold over 65 million units and is therefore one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. The various games in the franchise bring players to jungle worlds with interesting characters and it seems likely that this addition will replicate that as well as the original portion of the park did with the Mario franchise.

An addition to Super Nintendo World this early after the opening of the park may seem a bit out of place but, with an expected opening three years off, its timeline feels less rushed. This expansion adds one of the more beloved franchises to the new park and acts as a commitment to its success. It is difficult to say if that deadline will remain but it seems likely as the Donkey Kong expansion is already under construction.

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