Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Team USA’s face mask at the Olympics sparks debate, memes and jokes

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Is it Bane? No. It’s @TeamUSA #Swimming #Tokyo2020 | #UnitedByEmotion | #StrongerTogether | #Olympics It was on the first night of swimming finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that netizens picked up on the interesting item of podium fashion from Team USA.

— #Tokyo2020 (@Tokyo2020) July 25, 2021 My impression on team USA face masks in #Olympics pic.twitter.com/LzcIb9fRym

Take a look at some of the reactions here: — adultman (@adultman91) July 27, 2021

From the facemasks worn by Hannibal Lecter, a fictional serial killer, to those of superhero villain Bane, the face-covering was compared to many bizarre yet hilarious items. The mask design resembled that of a traditional KN95, with an oval shape and diamond prints on them. While the mask design impressed many, recognising the space it provides around one’s nose and mouth, it did not sit well with others.

— Karl Felsman (@KarlFelsman) July 26, 2021 Really enjoying the Swimming events at #Tokyo2020 #Olympics so far however I must say, #TeamUSA face masks are creeping me out. pic.twitter.com/48lk5GxV3e

I’m undecided on the giant face masks #TeamUSA are wearing. On the one hand, they’re wearing them. On the other hand, they look like Shredder from the ninja turtles. #Olympics — Dr. Annette McCarthy (@RsterAM) July 27, 2021 But seriously where can I get one of these? The space they must provide around your nose and mouth is incredible. If we go back to mask mandates this is a necessity. https://t.co/ZEJNLOTt4e via @TodayShow

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  • Headline: Team USA’s face mask at the Olympics sparks debate, memes and jokes
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