2024 Breakthrough Technologies List: 5 Innovations That Didn’t Make the Cut

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5 things we didn’t put on our 2024 list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies

  • New drugs for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Sustainable aviation fuel
  • Our Selection Process

    Every year, our reporters and editors nominate technologies that they think deserve a spot, and we spend weeks debating which ones should make the cut. Here are some of the technologies we didn’t pick this time—and why we’ve left them off, for now.

    New Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease

    Alzmeiher’s patients have long lacked treatment options. Several new drugs have now been proved to slow cognitive decline, albeit modestly, by clearing out harmful plaques in the brain. In July, the FDA approved Leqembi by Eisai and Biogen, and Eli Lilly’s donanemab could soon be next. But the drugs come with serious side effects, including brain swelling and bleeding, which can be fatal in some cases. Plus, they’re hard to administer—patients receive doses via an IV and must receive regular MRIs to check for brain swelling. These drawbacks gave us pause.

    Sustainable Aviation Fuel

    Alternative jet fuels made from cooking oil, leftover animal fats, or agricultural waste could reduce emissions from flying. They have been in development for years, and scientists are making steady progress, with several recent…

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