3 Tips to Slow Down Samsung Smartphone Battery Degradation

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Enhance Your Samsung Smartphone Battery Health

3 Tips to Enhance Your Samsung Smartphone Battery Health | Technology News

  • Enable protect battery
  • Disable fast charging
  • Put unused apps to sleep
  • Enable Protect Battery

    Never fully charge or fully discharge your smartphone. As per the analysis by Samsung, charging your Galaxy device to 85 per cent can extend the lifespan of the battery. While it is hard to manually monitor this, Samsung has baked in an option, which automatically stops charging when the battery charges to 85 per cent. Go to Settings > Battery > and enable Protect Battery to limit your smartphone from charging over 85 per cent.

    Disable Fast Charging

    Fast charging leads to heating, which also affects the battery’s health in the long run. By disabling fast charging on a Samsung smartphone, one can prevent excess heating while charging, which will also result in extending the battery’s health. If your Samsung Galaxy supports wireless charging, you can also disable fast wireless charging, as charging a phone wirelessly will generate more heat than charging a phone using a wired charger. Go to Settings > Battery > Charging Settings and disable fast charging. Do note that, if you disable fast charging, your phone will take more time to charge, despite using a fast wired or wireless charger.

    Put Unused Apps to Sleep

    Many apps run in the background, even if you are not using them, which will consume power. By enabling put unused apps to sleep, you can prevent this from happening, where, the smartphone analyses the apps that you haven’t opened in a while and automatically puts them to sleep. Go to Setting > Battery > Background usage limit > and enable put unused apps to sleep.

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