7 reasons why electric scooters are so popular

7 reasons why electric scooters are so popular

Cities around the world are buzzing with electric scooters. In some cities you can rent them by the hour. In others, most are privately owned and easy to spot in the suburbs. In all cases, urban mobility is changing. It gets faster and cleaner, and it goes electric. The electric car comes later, but the electric scooter is already there.

Convenient, practical, portable, environmentally friendly, reliable, economical and relatively affordable, electric scooters are so popular right now. Here’s why.

1. Electric scooters are economical to use

Not as much as a traditional bike, of course, but owning an electric scooter has about the same benefits in the city as a pedal assist bike. The cost of fuel – in the form of electricity – is so much cheaper than gasoline, of course (they cost less than 30p a day, in fact), but there are other savings to be made. Congestion taxes? Nope. Parking fees? Rarely. You can often take an electric scooter with you, instead of parking, …

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