Monday, February 6, 2023
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A better frame or greenwashing, the Dell Concept Luna?

Dell’s Concept Luna is a preview of a fully modular laptop that can be repaired and upgraded in the future. But are they really a big win for sustainability? Ahead of CES 2023, this vision of the future is back with some progress from what we initially saw last year. This innovation is an enhancement of the modular design that eliminates the need for adhesives and cables and reduces the use of screws for a system that is easier to disassemble and repair. But I’m skeptical. I’ve seen many companies make big commitments to sustainability but it all turns out to be either greenwashing or never succeeding.

In addition, Dell also set up a micro-factory to guide the design team, meaning a robot that can disassemble a laptop in seconds. Luna’s next big update is telemetry software that can perform health checks on specific components and let you know what you need to repair or replace. For example, if you use your laptop with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse most of the time, chances are you won’t need to touch the laptop’s screen, keyboard, or trackpad. hand for a long time, while the motherboard is still working. , which eliminates more e-waste.

So what is Concept Luna and how confident should we be about it? Worldwide, 57 million tons of electronic devices are thrown away each year. This is a huge problem that needs to be addressed with appropriate sustainability practices and the right to be remedied. The Luna concept is Dell’s big push in this regard – following in the Framework’s footsteps with a modular system that can be disassembled in a minute or two.
This means that each component can be repaired or upgraded, as users can keep the shell intact and add things to it over time.

As for when we’ll see this go public, Dell hasn’t committed to any public release plans and firmly insists it’s “just a concept”. In fact, the closest the company can say that we can achieve this level of modularity is to say that “this is a long-term look at how we’re achieving even social and business impact.” even larger through cyclic design methods”. Lots of words to say “you won’t see it for a while”. Detachability and modularity is an impressive achievements and important marks in the durability box.

But aside from the obvious problem here that it’s still not available without a specific launch plan (which in itself is a sort of greenwash), the upgradeability is limited to components that Dell itself provides. grant. You can see this actually with each part that has a QR code.

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  • A better frame or greenwashing, the Dell Concept Luna?
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