A chef’s lecture on a Technology Journey

A chef's lecture on a Technology Journey

Educational technology (#EdTech) – the mere mention is enough to give your colleagues anxiety and nightmares – but like Covid-19, it isn’t going away anytime soon. Now I am not a digital innovator or a learning technologist or even a tech specialist I am just a teacher, in fact a leader who has learned and has his head around and who in turn uses educational technology in the part of my approach to teaching, learning and assessment.

Is EdTech the whole and the end of a lesson?

No, absolutely not, but your lessons, your own learnings, even your own personal learning and development and even your own workload and stress level can be greatly improved by using simple strategies and techniques.

Can a teacher be replaced by technology?

In my opinion – no, learners NEED that interaction, that personal touch, that face to face for facial expressions, tone, context and warmth, but a teacher who does NOT use technology can very well be replaced by someone who uses it. Gone are the days when a Youtube clip and a PowerPoint or 2 slide with animation features, (PowerPoint has by the way evolved quite well recently into a pretty cool piece of Edtech), using a camera digital camera or camcorder could be passed off as innovative teaching.

These days we have to be a little more creative – being creative doesn’t necessarily mean more work, so before you take down this little blog, stick to it and read it, like me, the use of educational technology can just change your vision, your creation and your delivery your sessions and the experience of your learners in the classroom or workshop forever.

I think EdTech can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Gimmick and
  2. Impactful

The differences? one is just to show the other really makes a difference in educating learners.

Some Edtech are used for information sharing, some are used for collaborative tasks and reinventing group work and the other for evaluation. The paramount factor is that it enhances your students’ learning and keeps them engaged and interested while improving their digital skills and trying to keep pace in an ever-changing world.

Has Edtech changed me?

Yes, and in turn, I am doing what I can to make sure that this changes or improves the practice of my colleagues as well. A few years ago, as college was heading in a very different direction, I met a guy who is currently my Deputy Principal who really changed my life (as far as teachers) actually maybe too. non-teachers!

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Meeting him from that day to today, I really haven’t been the same – passion, work ethic, positive attitude – all branches of the seed and eventual tree of education Technology – and for that I’ll be eternally grateful to him, a boss and a friend who taught me this rather than burying your head in the sand and thinking that you can just go on as you were, embrace a new way instead. working using new techniques, tools and strategies can really improve your enthusiasm for your professional subject there by improving the experience of your learners during the time they are with you, increasing from year to year, by finding new ways to make your life a little easier – yes it’s hard at first and there will be days when you think ‘it’s worth it’? or even days the wi-fi just doesn’t want to play ball – I would say …

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