Advances in Cashless Technology Helping Homeless Not Left Behind in Society

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Advances in cashless-technology helping homeless so they’re not left behind (12/11/23)

  • Decline of cash transactions in Western society
  • Challenges faced by homeless individuals in a cashless world
  • Technological shifts aiding street-level charitable giving
  • Adaptation of charities and organizations to cashless donations
  • Decline of Cash Transactions

    The decline of cash transactions in Western society has had a significant impact on street-level charitable giving. With more people using credit cards and cashless payment apps, homeless individuals and panhandlers are finding it increasingly challenging to receive donations in the form of cash.

    Challenges Faced by Homeless Individuals

    The shift to a cashless society has presented unique challenges for homeless individuals. Many electronic payment apps require items such as credit cards, bank accounts, identification documents, or fixed mailing addresses, which are often beyond the reach of unhoused individuals. This has led to a decrease in traditional cash donations and has made it more difficult for homeless individuals to receive support.

    Technological Shifts Aiding Charitable Giving

    Despite the challenges posed by a cashless society, technological advances have also provided opportunities for charitable organizations to adapt. For example, the Salvation Army has implemented a system that allows donors to make cashless donations by tapping their phones on collection kettles. Similarly, Street Sense has developed a phone app that enables people to buy the paper electronically, with profits going directly to the unhoused vendors.

    Adaptation of Charities and Organizations

    Charities and organizations have had to innovate and adapt to the cashless trend in order to continue receiving support and donations. The Salvation Army has reported increased donations through their cashless system, and Street Sense has utilized technology to enable electronic purchases of their paper, benefiting the unhoused vendors.

    This article discusses the impact of a cashless society on homeless individuals and the efforts made by charitable organizations to adapt to the changing landscape of street-level charitable giving. The challenges faced by the unhoused in accessing cashless payment apps are highlighted, along with the innovative solutions implemented by organizations to facilitate electronic donations.

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