Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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After engaging in sexualized communication with teenagers on the school laptop, a teacher was fired

A Southampton teacher was expelled from the profession after engaging in a sexual conversation with a teenager on a school laptop. Daniel Jackson taught chemistry at the former St Mary’s Independent School until he resigned in November 2019. was a teacher of Mr. Jackson, 43, was dismissed from his position, citing unacceptable conduct that could discredit the profession. A meeting of the Education Regulatory Agency’s Professional Conduct Committee follows. The commission investigated allegations that Jackson used a school laptop.

To participate in online conversations of an inappropriate and/or sexual nature. The TRA report states: “On November 7, 2019, the school’s e-safe surveillance system revealed that Mr. Jackson’s work laptop had accessed his website called Just-Teens and had sexually communicated with children. “Mr Jackson was questioned by police, but no comment was forthcoming. Police were unable to obtain further information from the chat room or host site, so they could not confirm the ages of the people Mr. Jackson contacted.

“The investigation was closed around August/September 2020 and no further action was taken.” Former St. Mary’s Independent School. In a written statement to the panel, Mr. Jackson acknowledged that his conduct amounted to unacceptable professional conduct and also acknowledged that it was sexually motivated. The report states: “The Commission was satisfied that the conduct constituted misconduct of a serious nature and fell far short of the standards expected of the profession. “Therefore, the Panel was satisfied that Mr. Jackson engaged in unacceptable professional conduct.

“Discovery of misconduct is serious, and the behavior exhibited can have a negative impact on an individual’s status as a teacher and affect public perception. “Accordingly, the Commission determined that Mr. Jackson’s conduct constitutes conduct likely to discredit the profession. “While the panel noted that Mr. Jackson appeared to have a good disciplinary record, there was no evidence that his actions were unplanned or that he acted under duress. “The committee considered the ban to be reasonable and appropriate”.

St. Mary’s began management in 2020 after experiencing financial difficulties. After being acquired by a private investor, it reopened in 2021 and is now known as Yarrow Heights School.




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