You may remember that last November, the creator of Android Ruby, had taken a leave at Essential. Rubin, who founded the company behind Essential Phone, reportedly abandoned his latest project due to a brewing scandal involving an “inappropriate relationship” that he would have had with a co-worker at the company when he was working for Google.

Today’s New York Times goes deeper after Google’s departure from Rubin almost four years ago. According to the newspaper, what Google had not revealed at the time,

was that the executive was having an extramarital affair with a co-worker who claimed Rubin had him “forced” to practice oral sex in a hotel room in 2013. Google investigated the charges and found them credible, according to sources who requested anonymity due to signed confidentiality agreements. The co-founder of the company, Larry Page, Google’s CEO at the time, asked for a letter of resignation from Rubin.

While Google could have used the incident to dismiss Rubin and withhold any significant release payments, the company let him resign and gave him $90 million, payable over 48 months. The November payment will be the last that Google will make under Rubin’s departure from the company. Google has invested millions of dollars in its next project. A spokesman for Rubin said that “any relationship Mr. Rubin had with Google was consensual and did not involve anyone directly reporting to him”.

the Time Rubin is one of three Google executives accused of sexual misconduct protected by the company. Two unknown senior executives were released, but Google paid each of them millions of dollars, even though it was not legally required. And just as we were preparing these elements, Google announced that it had laid off 48 people, including 13 senior executives, over the last two years, because of complaints of sexual harassment.

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