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APM Terminals Nigeria: Technology Boosts Port Capacity and Efficiency, Enhancing Supply Chain Solutions

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Technology will increase port capacity, efficiency: APM Terminals

APM Terminals Nigeria, a leading container terminal operator, believes that implementing technology can significantly enhance the capacity and efficiency of seaports across the country. The company manages APM Terminals Apapa, West Africa Container Terminal (WACT) Onne, and APM Terminals Kano.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology can foster collaboration between government agencies and the private sector to address supply chain challenges.
  • APM Terminals has deployed software solutions to facilitate online interactions between customers and staff, reducing physical interactions at the port.
  • Synergy and inter-agency collaboration are crucial for effective service delivery and strengthening the supply chain.
  • APM Terminals focuses on customer-centric solutions and aims to enhance connectivity between systems, customs, governmental agencies, and customers.
  • Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency

    As per Frederik Klinke, CEO of APM Terminals Nigeria, leveraging technology can foster collaboration between government agencies and the private sector. This collaboration is essential for finding common solutions to the challenges faced by the supply chain in Nigeria. By implementing customer-centric software solutions, APM Terminals enables increased feasibility and connectivity between Nigerian ports and other global ports. The company aims to enhance visibility for customers, customs, and other governmental agencies regarding container movements.

    Streamlining Operations for Customers

    APM Terminals is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers. Ismaila Badjie, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals West Africa Container Terminal (WACT), highlighted the company’s focus on customer satisfaction. APM Terminals has invested in infrastructure, including a new terminal at West Africa Container Terminal Onne. Additionally, the company provides online services such as the Truck Appointment System and TERMView, which enable customers to manage appointments, raise invoices, make payments, and book container examinations conveniently from their offices or homes.

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    Advocating Synergy and Collaboration

    Courage Obadagbonyi, Chief Financial Officer of APM Terminals Nigeria, emphasized the importance of synergy and inter-agency collaboration at ports. By working together, government agencies can ensure effective service delivery to port users and strengthen the As the final analysis supply chain. APM Terminals believes that collaboration is key to making a positive difference for customers.

    As the last point, APM Terminals Nigeria believes that leveraging technology and fostering collaboration between government agencies and the private sector will enhance the capacity and efficiency of seaports in Nigeria. By implementing customer-centric solutions and promoting synergy, APM Terminals aims to streamline operations and provide a seamless experience for its customers.

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