Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has confirmed that Apple has bought 10 million masks and donated to the United States, and promises “more millions” for European regions that are severely affected by COVID-19.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who is currently working from home, said Apple donated 10 million masks to the United States and “millions of others” to European regions.

The announcement comes a day after U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said Apple is donating 9 million N95 masks.

In a video released on Twitter on Wednesday, Cook said that Apple had actually successfully secured 10 million masks for the United States. Apple’s operational teams had coordinated with governments around the world to find and buy masks in the company’s supply chain.

We were proud to share and found masks of 10 million for the United States and millions more for the most affected regions in Europe. Our operations teams, in collaboration with governments around the world, help find and buy masks from our supply chain. pic.twitter.com/uTsA6eA5ks

– Tim Cook (@tim_cook) March 25, 2020

Cook said in a tweet on Saturday that Apple is donating “millions” of masks to healthcare providers who are at the forefront of the coronavirus epidemic.

In 2019, after a particularly bad forest fire season, the state of California began to oblige companies to supply N95 masks to workers when air quality is poor. Because of this, most major technology companies in California have started stocking N95 or similar masks.

It is unclear whether Apple actually had 9 million masks in stock, although the number appears to be high compared to Facebook’s donation of 750,000 masks from Facebook’s own emergency, as reported by CNBC. Apple is more likely to have added emergency supplies to additional supply chain masks.

In addition to the announcement, Cook encouraged viewers to stay at home as much as possible and distance themselves on the way. He also thanked several key workers, from health workers to warehouse workers.

Apple had previously agreed to contribute to the global fight against COVID-19 by making unspecified donations to “floor groups” in several countries in January. On March 14, the company pledged $ 15 million to respond to COVID-19 in the United States and abroad to cover employee donations two to one.

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