I have a feeling that the iOS text extension is an overlooked feature. This may not be obvious to many people, but it’s a feature that can speed up repetitive typing.

Expensive text

All the time I use the text extension to quickly enter an email address or home address. You can find it under Settings> General> Keyboard> Text replacement. This extension is synchronized between all your devices. In macOS, go to System Preferences> Keyboard> Text.

Thats how it works. If you press more (+), a screen with two input fields will appear in the upper right corner: phrasing and linking. The link is what is expanded in the sentence. Apple has a small selection of standard extensions.

Here are some examples I’ve made:

  • When I type “some” my email address grows.
  • When I type “apptIt develops in the word” appointment “.
  • If I type “in brackets”, it develops casually. “
  • When I type “e2e” it becomes “end-to-end encryption”. “
  • When I type “iap” it develops into “(Offers in-app purchases)”
  • When I enter “my address” my personal address grows.

As you can see, you are limited by your needs and your imagination. Links like e2e and iap are great for bloggers like me who often write about end-to-end encryption and apps that offer in-app purchases.

You should choose an obvious link, e.g. B. “My address” or something that quickly connects your mind to the extended phrase. It cannot contain spaces and must be something that you must type on purpose, or you can type it by mistake.

At some point I tried to figure out the character limitation of the next extension. I didn’t find it, but I could put a lot of words in the phrase field, e.g. B. hundreds.

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