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Art and Technology Converge in Uncharted Territory Events Program

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Canberra’s winter innovation festival, Uncharted Territory, will offer over 50 events to inspire creativity and innovation from July 7 to July 16. The festival aims to increase visitation to Canberra during the quieter winter period, and support local businesses and the hospitality industry. The Australian National University is a strategic partner and will host guided workshops on accessible technologies, such as 3D printing and laser cutting. Other events include a robotic dance performance and a dance production featuring drones. Panel discussions and workshops will also take place, including a symposium on cyber security and career opportunities in the field.

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is gearing up for its new winter innovation festival Uncharted Territory. The festival promises to showcase over 50 events that will entertain and inspire audiences to think about innovation and creativity in new ways. The program, unveiled recently, will run for 10 days from 7 to 16 July and will give Canberrans a reason to celebrate what is special about their city during the winter months.

The festival aims to ignite curiosity and creativity in all who participate in the event. It will also help increase visitation to the city at a traditionally quieter time of year, support local businesses, and boost the tourism and hospitality industry. The unique program provides opportunities to engage with new concepts across a range of diverse venues.

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The festival’s strategic partner, The Australian National University (ANU), will play host to a range of events. Guided workshops by the ANU Makerspace on the basics of accessible technologies, such as mould making, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, laser cutting, and even sewable electronics, will be one of the highlights of the event.

Other events on offer include:

First Kiss: A Robotic Pas de Deux, presented by the University of Canberra robotics lab in collaboration with renowned choreographer Melanie Lane, involves two robots performing a looped dance sequence in a collision between choreography and robotics. Lucie in the Sky by Australasian Dance Collective is a ground-breaking production merging the beauty of dance with the cutting edge technology of drones. HYPERSPECTRAL by PhotoAccess also blends art with emergent technology in an immersive outdoor event showcasing diverse digital media, video, and sound artworks.

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A wide range of panel discussions and workshops will also take place during the festival. Protecting our Future: Securing the Digital Domain Cyber Careers symposium will be an engaging, thought-provoking discussion on technology and combatting cyber-crime, upskilling, and career transition into cybersecurity. The event will also feature a Cyber Careers Tradeshow, for people to explore career opportunities in cybersecurity.

The organizers of the festival expressed their gratitude to all those involved with the development of Uncharted Territory. They acknowledged that this great program would not be possible without the generous contribution and support from their strategic partner ANU and many other dedicated collaborators and contributors.

If you are interested in attending the festival, you can view the full program on the Uncharted Territory website and subscribe to the newsletter:

Uncharted Territory promises to be an exciting event that will bring together art and technology in new and innovative ways. If you are in Canberra during the festival, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the collision of creativity and technology.

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