Friday, January 27, 2023
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HomeNewsAt CES 2023, Asus anticipates the launch of a 3D OLED laptop

At CES 2023, Asus anticipates the launch of a 3D OLED laptop

Asus may be preparing to unveil new notebooks with 3D OLED displays at CES 2023. With a number of launches slated for January’s Las Vegas show, Asus is holding back on those plans. We have started a teaser campaign. First, it uses a 2D image that has a common visual element that Asus publishes on its social networks and that actually becomes 3D when the viewpoint changes. Then there’s Magic Eye’s rendition of his style imagery. Yes, if you still have the technique, look at the image above. You can see the message popping out from the center.

The laptops on display seem to have different cameras on the top bezel, and there’s no shortage of devices that use multiple cameras to add depth to the image. We are now entering a post-3D era and there is a growing interest in augmented reality. We see this as a bigger move into the metaverse. What if Asus’ new laptop could accurately track your movements and present a 3D visual space that adapts to your head movements? We certainly have more questions than answers right now, but luckily we are in Las Vegas to give you all the information you need.

Huh, you mean you forgot how to selectively change the focus of your eyes? Chuck – your kids don’t even know you were born. It says 3D OLED and is clear as day. Finally, regarding this kind of abandoned game, Asus shared an image showing a laptop labeled “A New Dimension for OLED,” with a deep perspective paper decoration popping off the screen (this article’s top). As such, Asus may launch a laptop with some kind of 3D OLED display. But after abandoning most 3D technology about ten years ago, would you want to go back to this kind of technology? Perhaps Asus does more than just display highly immersive images.

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  • At CES 2023, Asus anticipates the launch of a 3D OLED laptop
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