AWS wins two Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards

AWS wins two Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) has announced that it recognizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) with two Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards for AWS Technologies in Video Compression. These awards recognize how important it is for customers to optimize their video compression to provide viewers with better viewing quality with less bandwidth.

The first 2020 Tech The Emmy Award, “Development of Optimized Compression Technologies for Massive Processing,” recognizes technologies that optimize video quality and file size by utilizing the elasticity of the AWS Cloud by bringing extensive computing resources to each encoding task via parallelization. Adding more computation has always been a way to improve compression. In a traditional broadcast data center, that meant building a large physical fleet of transcoders, which meant spending a lot of capital on equipment that could be underutilized most of the time. But, as many businesses have migrated their compute and analytics workloads from traditional owned or shared data centers to cloud infrastructure, transcoding and asset conditioning no longer has to compete for a set level. resources – the cloud makes it easy to scale. when you need to transcode a video, then reduce the size after the task is completed. The result of this combination is reduced turnaround times in asset packaging and transcoding, increased quality, reduced bandwidth, and lower production costs. AWS won in this category for the software stack it pioneered to encode and compress video material, specifically the accelerated transcoding feature of the AWS Elemental MediaConvert service.

Accelerated transcoding increases the processing speed of file-based video encoding jobs up to 25 times, and is a feature of AWS Elemental Media Convert, a service that converts video into multiple output formats to support viewing from a wide range of devices at different resolutions. For example, EPIX, a 24-hour premium television network, now uses accelerated transcoding to convert 4K UHD content for streaming to approximately 70 million U.S. pay-TV households. With the addition of accelerated transcoding, customers can deliver more content faster via social media alongside their linear broadcasts.

However, better real-time video compression isn’t just about more processing power; it’s also about being smarter, and that’s where machine learning plays a role. One of the biggest challenges in video encoding is finding the optimal balance between compression efficiency and perceptual quality, or the quality of the video for the viewer. Intelligent content-aware encoding configures the video encoder in real time based on the content of the video clip, allocating only the required bits for a given video based on its complexity.

The second Technology and Engineering Emmy Award recognizes AWS Elemental’s content-sensitive technology called QVBR or Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate. QVBR is “smart” to use more bits to encode scenes where humans are likely to notice the difference, such as fast-paced action sports. When the content changes to more static content, such as a commentator in a studio, QBVR reduces the amount of bits allocated for encoding. To do this, QVBR analyzes each area of ​​each video frame in the video source and automatically allocates bits to correct for differences in information: using higher bit rate during complex video segments and using lower bit rate during segments. less complex video. This allows content providers to maintain consistent video quality for viewers. To bolster this capability, AWS has also developed a new class of algorithms that perform motion-compensated temporal filtering, which reduces artifacts that can adversely affect video quality, such as blurring, during fast-motion scenes. Some of the media leaders using AWS Elemental QVBR include FOX, SonyLIV, Cengage, EPIX, and Glo.

With scalable and elastic cloud processing and new technologies, such as QVBR and accelerated transcoding, compute heavy workflows are handled with reduced turnaround times, allowing clients to meet studio transcoding requirements. and quality assurance.


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