Friday, January 27, 2023
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CES 2023 highlights include impressive cars, 3D laptops and shape-shifting displays

CES 2023 in Las Vegas has officially started. The world’s largest consumer electronics show is back. This means he does three things: A lot of hype, a lot of hype, and a lot of dazzling new technology buried somewhere underneath. We’ll be on the CES show floor live, showcasing the coolest, craziest, most revolutionary new tech we’ve found. So far, we’ve had a glimpse of what Samsung, LG, Intel, Nvidia, Dell, and more have in store for his 2023. A beautiful TV, a blazing game console, an 8K projector, or even a futuristic concept device or two.

It can also interact with people outside the vehicle and share information such as the weather and the vehicle’s charge level. Unlike the car Sony showed off at CES 2020 years ago, this car is actually on the market, and while no pricing has been announced yet, Sony has confirmed that the company’s Afeela car will be his says it will hit North American roads in 2026. followed by Japan and Europe. Technology can be very impersonal. BMW’s I Vision Dee wants to fix that. Equipped with sophisticated AI, this concept car leaves Siri and Alexa servants behind. Instead, it hopes to be both your car and your friend.

Since this year, there has been big news that Sony is building its own car, which is expected to go on sale in 2026. just started. CES runs until Sunday, so there’s a lot of weird and wonderful tech to explore. Consider this a TL;DR. If you only read one CES recap, this is it. Electric cars are big business and Sony wants to be a part of it. The electronics giant is working with Honda on a new electric vehicle brand called Afeela. The Afeela logo is displayed on a narrow screen or “media bar” in the vehicle’s front bumper.

The I Vision Dee is an EV sports car with 240 E-ink panels on the exterior. You can use these panels to program a digital face into your car’s grille. Being an electric car, you don’t really need the ventilation that a grill normally provides. Or you can change the color of your car with the push of a button. The BMW I Vision Dee is only a concept for now, but some of its features carry over to his BMW’s real car. For example, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse says his AI-powered HUB technology, which the company is incorporating into his I Vision Dee, will be in real cars in 2025.

Samsung gave us a glimpse of Flex Hybrid, a compelling concept for mobile devices. As the model above shows, the left side of the Flex Hybrid can be folded like the Galaxy Fold, and the right side can be slid out.

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  • CES 2023 highlights include impressive cars, 3D laptops and shape-shifting displays
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