Collingwood Public Library’s Tech Assistant Jeff Cepukas Balances Technology with Theatre

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Collingwood Tech Guy’s Theatrical Pursuits

Town tech guy also dabbles in theatre

  • Jeff Cepukas, a technology assistant at the Collingwood Public Library, has a passion for the arts.
  • After spending his days with computers, Cepukas dedicates his evenings and weekends to the stage.
  • His journey from various locations across Canada eventually led him to Collingwood, where he now serves as the town’s go-to tech guy.
  • From Blue Mountain to the Collingwood Public Library

    After working in the grounds department at Blue Mountain, Cepukas eventually found his way to the Collingwood Public Library. Starting as a building operator, he now serves as the town’s tech guy, assisting with streaming council meetings and filling in wherever needed.

    Embracing the Arts

    Cepukas has always been drawn to the arts, influenced by his family’s creative pursuits. His love for the arts extends to collecting records and his involvement in theatre outside of his tech role at the library.

    Balancing Tech and Creativity

    While managing room bookings and tech appointments at the library, Cepukas also finds time to pursue his passion for the arts. His ability to juggle these diverse interests reflects his dedication to both his professional and creative endeavors.

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