Despite COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook contract workers forced to return to Genpact office in Hyderabad

In this news, we discuss the Despite COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook contract workers forced to return to Genpact office in Hyderabad.

Facebook laid the foundation for its Hyderabad, India office ten years ago to support the growing number of users, advertisers and developers in the country and globally. Although today Facebook has five offices in India – Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore. Whose content moderators in Hyderabad were forced to return to office despite the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The content moderators of Facebook are responsible for removing offensive content such as hate speech, terrorism and nudity etc. think about employee safety.

According to the Rest of the World, “people are forced to go to work, even if they are not happy about it,” a senior moderator told the publication. “The operations team told them these were big orders. There is a threatening factor behind [it]. “

Genpact has employed around 1,600 moderators in India and says moderation services are likely to be performed in the office due to the sensitive nature of the work. He further adds that the internal work was done on a voluntary basis. “To make this manageable, secure and clear, employees should sign a weekly form asking them to voluntarily agree to this,” a Genpact spokesperson told Rest of World.

While Facebook told The Verge, “Our goal for reopening any office is how it can be done in a way that keeps our examiners safe. We do this by implementing strict health and safety measures, making sure they are followed, and dealing with and disclosing any confirmed cases of illness. In a statement, the social media giant also clarified that the majority of Genpact’s content moderators continue to work from home.

Facebook maintains over 15,000 content moderators around the world, many of whom are not able to enjoy the same benefits as company employees. Subcontractors, often poorly paid, are offered meals at the office which are an essential supplement to their low income.

Facebook says its content moderators are always paid regardless of office closures. However Facebook used financial incentives to keep moderators working full-time in the office, as the Washington Post reported in May.

Facebook moderators in Hyderabad, responsible for removing offensive content, were forced to return to work as early as July despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

News Highlights:

  • Facebook moderators, often poorly paid, have been forced to return to work amid coronavirus.
  • Facebook moderators are responsible for removing content such as hate speech, terrorism and nudity.
  • In a recent statement, Facebook confirms that many moderators continue to work from home.


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