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Empowering Farmers of All Types with Innovative Technologies

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SAP Intelligent Agriculture is an industry cloud solution that helps agribusiness companies become more sustainable and efficient. With the ability to collect and analyze data from across the entire value chain, it can help farmers improve their margins and respond to changing markets. KWS SAAT, a seed and plant breeding company, has decided to digitalize its entire logistic value chain using SAP Intelligent Agriculture to simplify collaboration with seed growers, ensuring sustainability and maximizing efficiency to produce the best quality seeds. Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation (RES) also uses SAP Intelligent Agriculture to improve farming processes and increase sugar production. As demands for food, feed, and biofuel increase, SAP Intelligent Agriculture helps agribusinesses meet these demands sustainably.

How can farmers continue to feed a growing population sustainably with increasingly unpredictable weather and more demanding customer needs?

In the past, farmers were reliant on experience passed on from generation to generation, the Farmer’s Almanac, or other methods to plan and carry out their planting, harvesting, storage, and delivery processes. That said, the volume of agricultural food products was only a fraction of what is produced today and the goods were transported over shorter distances, making storage and transport less complicated.

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If the farmers of over 100 years ago could see the world today, they would be astonished at the level of industrialization we have reached in agribusiness – and things are only moving faster. As an example, agriculture in 2050 will need to produce almost 50% more food, feed, and biofuel than it did in 2012 to meet demand.

Today’s biggest business challenges call for agility, resilience, and innovation. Responding to changing markets and better serving customers is on the top of everybody’s to-do list. Also, running companies sustainably has become a business imperative – that includes farming businesses.

If observation, experience, and intuition helped farmers to improve their margins in the past, today we have the possibility to collect and analyze data from across the entire value chain. With SAP Intelligent Agriculture, an industry cloud solution from SAP, agribusiness companies can become more sustainable and efficient.

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Digitalizing the Field at KWS SAAT

KWS is the fourth-largest seed and plant breeding company globally, delivering its seeds to farmers for planting. KWS offers high-quality seeds that farmers can trust to sustainably harvest reliable crop yields. To transform its business, the company has decided to digitalize its entire logistic value chain, from field to plant, plant to stock, and order to cash.

With SAP Intelligent Agriculture, KWS will be able to simplify collaboration with seed growers by putting field data to work. One way that SAP Intelligent Agriculture supports KWS is by helping to better plan seed farming processes in collaboration with growers, ensuring sustainability and maximizing efficiency, to produce the best quality seeds to offer in the marketplace.

Improving Farming Processes at Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation

Another example of how SAP Intelligent Agriculture supports agriculture is SAP customer Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation (RES). RES produces sugar and…

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