Facebook sues four individuals for providing fake engagement services

In this news, we discuss the Facebook sues four individuals for providing fake engagement services.

Facebook said on Tuesday it had filed separate lawsuits against four people providing bogus engagement services intended to artificially inflate likes and followers on Instagram.

The social media giant is suing New York-based Sean Heilweil and Jarrett Lusso who provided their service using the site Web boostgram.com and Dubai-based Laila Abou Trabi and Robin Abou Trabi who used the site Web instant-fans.com for violating Instagram’s terms of service, policies and community guidelines.

While Boostgram used a network of bots to automate the delivery of Instagram account likes and followers, Instant-fans.com used a network of bots and automation software to offer fake engagement services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other web services. The latter provides bogus engagement services to both individual customers as well as other bogus engagement services known as “commercial resellers” of bogus engagement.

Apart from this, Facebook, based on user complaints, has taken action against companies that carry out online scams. The social media giant has deactivated accounts and sent cease and desist letters to seven companies in Asia and Europe that defrauded online users who purchased items on their website. sites.

These companies posted consumer product ads on Facebook and Instagram and when someone clicked the link in the ad, the user was taken to a site Third-party web to complete your purchase. After paying for the item, the user never received the item or received an item different from the item described in the advertisement. Consumers were unable to return the items or obtain a refund.

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